I had a dream last night that I’d driven Paul to Ben Nevis to start his climb. He’d set off then I realised he forgot his rucksack. He came back to pick it up then set off again before remembering he had forgotten to put on his hiking boots. Obviously I am a) concerned that he won’t make it to his destination because I’m not driving him there and b) he’ll forget key items. Not exactly a coded dream so far.

Then he set off a third time and got quite a way up the hill before I realised he had forgotten to take with him his hand drawn picture of a mermaid to colour in at the top (clearly my worlds are colliding somewhat). I took the mermaid picture with me to give to the organisers who said that it wasn’t very good. Which is ironic because Paul is actually pretty good at drawing mermaids. And why mermaids? Maybe because we are convinced it’s going to rain torrentially on every mountain.
So in light of the state of my head, and the challenges Paul faces, why not sponsor him if you haven’t already 😉

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