I think I have post holiday blues. Which is a bit daft since it’s not the end of the holidays yet. But it’s the end of the really exciting events we have all looked forward to and loved. It genuinely has been the best holiday we’ve ever had.
What is left is a week and a half of bickering – that’s if today is anything to go by.
No that’s not fair it isn’t bickering. It’s mostly Phoebe irritating her big sister by being silly, ruining her activity or simply by hitting her around the head with a table mat. It’s not always a table mat. Sometimes it’s a cushion. Or sometimes she just pokes her repeatedly while they are watching TV.
I think they make the summer holidays 6 weeks long for a good reason. If it was only 4 weeks long there is a good chance you wouldn’t take your child back to school at all. Four weeks of playing, seeing friends and family, going away and everyone getting on well. The last two weeks make the holiday just too long and ensure any harmony you have experienced will be forgotten. You’ll be lining up at the school gates two
hours early on the first day back. The keenness to return might be that your school child is driving you mad. Or maybe you are craving a return to routine bedtimes and personal space. For me I simply want her to go back to school to protect her from table mat related injury.

Not that I want you to think Phoebe is terrible. She isn’t. She’s 3. And has a big sister who will react every single time she prods her. So even if Mummy is out of the room (so is clearly starving her of attention for ten minutes) she has an audience on tap.
The worse thing is Phoebe smirks every single time and I have to repeat ad nauseum “it isn’t funny”. But it is when you are 3.
She says “sorry” to Tilly and then she throws herself on me and says “beautiful mummy”. It’s hard to stay mad. But then I think she knows that.
So I have post holiday blues. I’m missing the good bits already. On top of that I am shattered. As is the rest of the family. I think I need a sleep and some quality time with my big girl before she goes back to school.
Fortunately it’s bank holiday Monday so Paul has volunteered to have Phoebe. He’s going to take her on a 14 mile round trip walk as part of his training. Hmm.

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  1. I strongly suspect that our children are clones. What you describe is exactly what mine do, right down to the emotional blackmail. However, you have got to hear Kassie's frustrated scream. I swear it has a frequency that includes the ultrasonic and a volume like a pneumatic drill!


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