Day One of Hilton Holiday

In the absence of technology I wrote the key points for these entries with a pink princess pencil. It made a nice change.

The journey to Robin Hoods Bay was, in general, dire. Phoebe decided to inform us that she needed the loo for once so we foolishly left the motorway and ended up sat in traffic for hours. Very boring but at least I didn’t have to wash the car seat.
To alleviate the boredom we played a few games with the kids including one where we asked them to name five things in different categories. When asked to name five body parts Tilly said “Brain, adenoids, veins, kidney beans and toe nails”. She definitely doesn’t get this outlook on life from me.
The only other thing worth mentioning is, however bad things get in traffic don’t stop to buy ice creams and then let small people eat them in the back of the car. It is not a treat for anybody.
Despite all the mess and the pain in my clutch leg, we arrived at Hooks House Farm Campsite in Robins Hoods Bay in a positive mood. We were given a fantastic pitch (if a bit slopey) with an uninterrupted view of the sea. I have never stayed in a more beautiful spot. We could walk into the village and down onto the beach, and to the pub and the wine shop. Marvellous. Plus it had a a field to play in directly next to the tent which made it safe and fun for the kids (who were very happy to repeatedly leap on the large newly re-inflated turtle they insisted on bringing).
And what about that thing we all dread about camping. Did they sleep?
The answer seemingly was yes. Albeit not on the mattress but on the floor at the foot of it in Phoebe’s case. She didn’t seem to mind. Maybe she would work it out the following night…

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