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A few days ago I, perhaps foolishly, suggested Paul might want to join in with Hallam FM to climb Ben Nevis, Scafell Pyke and Snowdon over two days for Cash for Kids. He has always wanted to do a physical challenge and he appears to have jumped at the opportunity.

Paul is the eternal optimist. It’s one of the many reasons why I love him. I, however, am more on the realist/pessimist borderline and have one or two concerns.

1. Injury
He sprained his ankle playing football four months ago and one ankle is still bigger than the other. He doesn’t think this is a problem apart from a possible requirement to wear more hiking socks on one foot than the other. Also his toenail is about to fall off from an earlier football related injury. This makes me shudder. He is not concerned.
2. Fitness Plan
The provided plan suggests he should have started preparing for this walk last March. As it is he only has eight weeks to sort himself out.
Don’t get me wrong, he is fit. He cycles every day, used to play football for an hour each week (see above) and is overall very healthy. If you have never met him I should point out he is tall, strong and has no ounce of fat on him. However the plan says he needs to do aerobic exercise more often, and to fit in some strength work.
Ironically we just gave the weights that he bought ten years ago (and never used) to charity. Brilliant timing. Mind you I think the girls can help make up for this. Today he did squats while lifting Phoebe in a pink bucket. I’m not sure this is what the trainers had in mind.
This afternoon he is going to walk home from work quickly carrying a backpack. If it doesn’t take him 45 minutes he’s going to walk up and down Carterknowle Road. I said he perhaps needed more rugged terrain but he said he has to start somewhere. Hopefully he’ll remember to get a pint of milk on the way back. We’ll send him up a mountain next week.
He has also suggested he is going tee total until he’s done it. If he makes it until Friday without a glass of wine I’ll be astonished. I am a little concerned I may have to support him in this part of the challenge.
3. Sustenance
Paul can genuinely eat what he likes. He often eats like a horse and that’s when he isn’t doing physical exercise. When he exercises he eats even more – the food seems to get converted into energy straight away. Unlike the rest of us, who frankly need a sleep after a big meal, he has always wanted to go and fly a kite or play frisbee. Goodness knows what amount of calories he will need to eat while walking up three mountains, or how he will carry it. Tilly and I are considering making him a sledge to pull the Mars Bars on.
4. The weather
In researching the mountains it seems that the following conditions are likely – rain, gales, poor visibility and snow. So his initial reaction that “it’s only walking 42km uphill” seems a little optimistic. He did keep his thermals from Iceland though so that’s a cost saving.
5. The cast of Emmerdale
I’m not sure why but some of the cast of Emmerdale are going on the adventure too. This is hilarious. Paul has never even seen an episode of Emmerdale. I hope they find the fact that he won’t know who any of them are grounding.
So here the adventure begins. Now knowing the challenge that lies ahead and the limitations in his way you are perhaps even more inclined to sponsor him? He will most definitely do it – he is positive and single minded – but he needs your help to raise lots of money for Cash for Kids. And I need your support too, it’s going to be an interesting eight weeks.
If you would like to sponsor him, even as little as a pound would be really appreciated please click here.

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  1. As a gesture of support I set the treadmill at the gym in walking up hills mode and walked for 30 mins. During that period I used at least one Mars' Bars calorie content for about 2.5 Km. I hope that this information is of use 🙂


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