Another new blog

Well I’m entering the world of blogging. I’ve done a bit before through my website, mainly about the events I attend to sell children’s books and the books themselves. I’ve also had a family blog which detailed the minutiae of baby rearing that probably only my parents read.

And this one? Well I guess this will be a bit of everything so please join me as you just never know what’s going to happen. I’ll try to make it interesting. It may not be. I’ll try to make bits of it funny. There’s a strong chance it will only appeal to my sense of humour. But hey ho as least it’ll increase my typing speed and make my brain work a bit harder.

So me? I’m Katie. 35, wife, and stay at home mum of two daughters who are three and five. I spend my time looking after them, selling children’s books, doing HR for a playgroup and trying to avoid the housework. My vices include white wine, shows with Gok Wan in, quirky British TV series, Hugh Laurie, Kenneth Brannagh, chocolate in any form and talking. I do a lot of that. Feel lucky perhaps that you only have to read this not listen to me rambling on. Unless you are a friend or family member in which you get the joy of doing both. I’m sure there is a lot more to me (I haven’t even mentioned Billy Bragg yet) but maybe I’ll be all mysterious and leave you guessing. Then you might want to read again another day. But if you don’t fair enough.

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